Brand Philosophy

What sets us apart from the hundreds of other wallets you could choose from?  Heart.  

Sure, you might find another wallet as great-looking as ours.   You might find another that's as soft as ours.  It might even also have RFID blocking technology like ours. What it won't have is heart.  The whole reason we do what we do is to help raise awareness and funding for Hope for Justice.  They spend every day seeking out victims of human trafficking, and helping them to rebuild their lives.  They don't just rescue people, they also do a huge amount of work educating others on how to help build a society where slavery is simply unacceptable.  

Why is this so important?  Well, there are 20.9 million estimated slaves worldwide, that’s three out of every 1000 people worldwide.

Hope for Justice have rescued hundreds of people, including babies younger than one year old and adults up to the age of 63.  

Since I'm not actually Batman (although that would be cool), there's a limit to what I can do to change the world into a place I am proud to live in.  By supporting Hope for Justice, I feel like I'm making the world a tiny bit better every day.  

It's really important to us that we make the absolute best products possible, since the better the product, the more money we can raise for them.  That's why we've put so much time into choosing the right materials, quality control, and new product development.   The support of our Kickstarter backers was key in getting the Skinny wallet produced, and we have new designs in progress.  We're keen to keep growing, and for that we need your support.  It's an exciting journey - thank you for being part of it!

Little things make a big difference. Trustworthy stitching, sourcing of quality leather, and the addition of RFID protection are all little things, but they add up to a product you can rely on every day.

The 50p donated to Hope for Justice for every wallet sold is only a little thing, but to the people rescued from human trafficking, it makes a very big difference. Reynard is proud to support the amazing work that Hope for Justice do to make the world a better place.

If you'd like to know more about their work, you can do so at

About Reynard Leather

Reynard Leather began in 2016 when Emily designed the 'Everyday' wallet.  The range expanded in February 2017 with the successful funding on Kickstarter of the 'Skinny' wallet.  New designs are in progress, since Emily is determined to eventually design the perfect wallet for every single person ever!

Reynard Leather is a small, family-run business.  Emily takes care of most of the day-to-day stuff, while her husband Paul has proven to be an excellent sounding board (and postman).  Emily is a bit of a perfectionist, which is great for customers, since every order is personally checked before shipping.  She is also a giant maths nerd with a degree from Cambridge, but you shouldn't hold that against her.