Caring for your wallet

When properly taken care of, your leather wallet should last a remarkably long time.    

Here are our top tips for taking care of it:

1.  Keep it simple

Too many cards can stretch out the leather, leaving your wallet permanently reshaped. 

Ideally, don't put more than 1 or 2 cards in a pocket.  

If you're struggling to cut back on cards, try turning them all backwards.  When you use a card, put it back in the right way round.  Anything still backwards after a week or so, you can probably leave out.

There are plenty of apps for storing loyalty or reward cards on your phone, and do you really need that receipt for a coffee from last week?  

2.  Front is the new back

Storing your wallet in your back pocket has quite a few disadvantages. 

  •   Sitting on your wallet often can wear down the leather and the seams.
  •   Constantly sitting on it is not only bad for your wallet, it's also bad for your back.
  •   No-one can see how nice your butt is.    

Swap your wallet to your front pocket (the Reynard Skinny wallet is great for that), and it should last much longer.  Your sciatic nerve will thank you too.  

Try not to put other stuff like keys in the same pocket, as they could scratch the leather.

3.  Keep your cool

Much like gremlins, leather doesn't respond especially well to water.  If it gets wet, pat it dry with a cloth, and then leave it to dry at room temperature (and whatever you do, don't feed it after midnight).
The important thing here is to keep cool.  Literally.  
Direct heat (from radiators, hairdryers, blowtorches, or anything else that might seem tempting) is really really bad for leather.  If you don't want it to dry out and crack, be patient, and let it dry on its own.  

4.   Clean up your act

If your wallet needs cleaning, use a damp cloth. That should do the trick. No soaps needed.  
If you really want to, you can rub in some leather conditioner to keep your wallet extra tip-top soft and supple.  

Don't use the missus' face cream on your wallet instead though.  It'll get you in trouble.

The Skinny One